Monday, June 8, 2009

Lao People's Revolutionary Party

In the second conference of ICP it was resolved to to disband this party and to form three separate parties representing three States of Indochina.On March 22, 1955 at its First Party Congress, attended by 25 delegates representing a Party with 300 -400 membership, Lao's Peoples Party was formed. Lao Revolutionary Party was the successor of this LPP, which remained underground till 1975.
In 1956, the Lao Patriotic front, a legal political wing of the Pathet Lao, participated in several coalition government. The Pathet Lao was not a strong military force unless supported by North Vietnamese army.
At the second conference of the LPP in 1972, the name was changed to the Lao People's Revolutionary Party. LPRP took power in May 1975 from the Royal Government. After the third Party conference which did not meet till1982 , the Party Congresses met regularly in 1986, 1991 etc.
The membership of the party increased gradually as :
11,000 in 1965,21,000 in 1972, 25,000 in 1975 and it increased upto 1 % of the total population.
The structure of the party Politburo-Central committee etc. Only chage they had made Party Chairman instead of Genertal Secretary who will take the day to day decisions between two conferences Kay sone Phomvihan was the Party Chairman till his death.