Sunday, June 28, 2009

Kenya, Indepependence Era (contd)

President Mwai Kibaki
The authoritarian traits of Kenyatta's Govt. was gradually increasing which resulted in a coup in 1982.APresidentrap moi received support of the west, who saw in him a bulwark against communist influences from Tanzania, Ethiopia,and Uganda.After the end of the cold war, this support fell away. Foreign donors, including the USA, now withheld financial aid if Moi would not allow political reforms.So in 1992 elections were held again, an Moi won these as well as the 1997 elections by skifully exploiting fear of the smaller tribes that they would be dominated by the big tribes.Also election fraud might have taken place.
The Kibaki Presidency
The constitution forbade Arap Moi to run again for president in the 2002 elections. Mwi Kibaki won the elections on the promise to fightcorruption and became the third president.he was a minister under Arap Moi.He was praised for abolishing school fees for primary education which increased the no.of students by 1.7 million.But he could not remove corruption. His cabinet ministers purchased costly cars by 14 million dollars.
He cvhanged the constitution by referendum to increase the power of President.
In april, 2008, Raila Odinga, from Orange Democratic Movement won the election.