Monday, June 29, 2009

Bangladesh, Introduction

Bangladesh, officially known as the republic of Bangladesh is an Islamic country in southern Asia, bordered three sides, north, east and west by India and bay of Bengal to the south. At the extreme south east corner there is Burma.
Bangladesh is the former eastern side of the Bengal of Indian Union.Its people were converted to Islam during the period of the Mogul Empire (1576-1857). In 1947, it became part of the new nation Pakistan, and was called east pakistan.
In 1971, East pakistan broke away and formedthe independent nation Bangladesh.More than 95 % of the people are Bengalees. it is one of the poorest country of the world with rank 174 in the list of national average of per capita income , atlas method, est.2003. and from the bottom its rank is 32nd. Its per capita income in the above list is 400 $.
In IMF,WB and CIA list its rank and est. are: