Monday, June 1, 2009

Sao Tome and Principe, Democratic reform

In 1990, Sao Tome became one of the first African countries to embrace democratic reform,changes to the constitution-the legalisation of opposition political parties-led to elections in 1991 that were nonviolent, free and trnsparent. Miguel Trovoada, a former prime minister who had been in exile since 1986, returned as an independent candidate and was elected President.
He was re-elected ina second term in 1996.
The Party of Democratic Convergence (PCD) got the majority seats and MLSTP became the opposition party. In 200 Fradique de Menezes,was elected as president. But Army seized power on the plea of corruption. After negotiation Menezes again came to power and won second time in 2006, on feb. 2009, an attempted coup d'tat tried to overthrow Menezes.

Innamoo an agricultural product
Fishermen, Sao Tome
Market, Sao Tome