Friday, June 19, 2009

Zambia, Immigration (continued)

By 1516 the Portuguese had through the force of arms seized the Indian Ocean trade and what is relevant to the course of Mozambique abd angola.
Although the portuguese happily bought the ivory and copper that central africa produced the slave rapidly became and for centuries remained a major item of commerce . This monstrous crime against humanity was as easily condoned by believers on God as was the holocaust ny the Nazis.
zambezi River
The tendencies of the slave trade penetrated remorselessly into the deep interior of te central Africa, where, during the same period, the later iron age monarchies , we had mentioned , were being instituted.
Zambezi delta
Domestic slave trade was a part of social order of central African states, with, for example, miscreants, criminals, and prisners of war held in bondage. very rarely i the portuguese have to go raiing to capture slaves by selling the rulers goods such as cloth, rum, jewellery, and firearmsthey drew the rulers into their colonial economy as supplies of slave labor for the mines and plantations across the Atlantic.