Sunday, June 14, 2009

Ghana, end of nkrumah era

Nkrumah never returned to Ghana, but he continued to push his viosion of Afrcan unity. he lived in exile in Conakry, guinea, as the guest of president Ahmed Sekou Toure, who made him honorary co-president of the country. He read, wrote, corresponded, gardened, and entertained guests. Despite retirement from public office, he was still frightened of western intelligence agencies. When his cook diedhe feared that someone would poison him, and began hoarding food in his room. He suspected that foreign agents were going through his mail, and lived in constant fear of abduction and assassination. In failing health, he flew to Bucharest , Romania, for medical treatment in Aug. 1971. He died of Skin cancer in April, 1972 at the age of 62.

In 2000, he was voted Africa's man of the millennium by listners to the BBC World Srvice.
Accra Memorial, closeup
Works by Nkrumah;
1. Negro History: European Government in Africa,1938
2. Ghana : The Autobiographyof Kwame nkrumah,1957
3.Africa must Unite,1963
4. Africa personality, 1963
5. Neo-Colonialism, the laststage of imperialism,1965
6. African socialism Revisited, 1967
7. Voice from Conakry, 1967
8. Handbook for revolutionary warfare, 1968
9. Consciencism: Philosophy and ideology for de-colonisation,1970
10. Class struggle in Africa, 1970
11. The struggle continues, 1973
12. I speak of freedom, 1973. Revolutionary Path, 1973.