Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Ghana, Colonial period

Portuguese were the first European who came to Ghanain the 15th century and found so much gold between the river Ankobra and the Volta that they named the plac Mina- meaning Mine. The gold coast was later adopted by English colonist

The portuguese built Elmina Castle in Accra as purchased by britain in 1873. It is now a World Heritage site.
The French, impressed with the trinkets worn by the coastalpeople, named the area to the west Cote d'Ivory or Ivory Coast.
In 1481,King John II of Portugal commissioned diogo d'Azambuja to build Elmina Castle , which was completed the next year . Their aim was to trade in gold, ivory, and slaves, consolidating their burgeoning power in the 1598 the Dutch had joined them and built forts at komenda and Komatsi in 1637 they captured Elmina Casyle from the portuguese and Axim in 1642 ( fort St. Antony). Other Euoropean traders joined in by the 17th century, largely English, Danes and Swedes. the coat line was dotted by more than 30 forts and castles built by Dutch, British, and Danish merchants. the gold coast became the highest concentration of European military architecture outside of Europe. By the later part of 19th century the Dutch withdrew in 1874, Britain made the Gold Coast a protectorate.
Elmina castle in 1668
Elmina castle 1704
Elmina castle renovated