Friday, June 19, 2009

Zambia, Ancient history

In the northern African Rift valley, the civilising process got underway at least 3mmillion years ago, and crude stone implements, similar to some of that age found in Kenya, have also been found beside the Zambezi river.
Stone Age
Early stone age sites have been unearthed in many parts of Zambia, the most significant being at the Kalambo falls in the south The skull of broken Hill man , dated to 70,000 years ago, gives an indication of what humans of that priod looked like. Zambia observed the stone ages, early, middle an late. people began to live in cavesand rock shelters, the walls of which they decorated with paints.The stone age being over, iron age bigins. The original inhabitantsof modern day zambia were goodmen (also called San) were hunters and gatherers. The bushmen were the only inhabitants of the region until the fourth century, when Bantu or Tonga people started to migrate from the north.
The period between the 16th and the 19th centuries saw the emergence of organised Iron Age kingdoms aswell as widespread immigration. Four kingdoms were established in this period - among the Kazmbe-lunda in the north centered around the lower Luapula river. the territory of the present Zambia , being far inland.