Monday, December 7, 2009

Sudan,People and Govt. (contd-2)

The Abboud regime followed by a provisional Govt. led by Muhammad Ahmad Mahgoub. An election was held in April, 1965 and a coalition Govt. of Umma and National Unionist Party with Mahgoub tookthe office.This ministry proposed the constitution with Islamic orientation. Being unsatisfied a second military coup led by Col.Gaafar Muhammad Nimeiri on 25 May 1969 and took the chair of the Prime minister. He then outlawed all political parties and abolished
the assembly.
Gaafar Nimeiri ( Jan. 1930-May 2009) born in central Sudan in Omdurman, the largest city of Sudan.
In 1952, Nimeiri graduated from the Sudan
Military College, where he was gently influenced by the ideas of Gaml Abdel Nasser's Free officers Movement, which gained power in Egypt that same year. Later he joined the Khartoum garrison. In 1966, he graduated from United States Army Command College in Fort Leavenworth, Kansas.
First Term as Prime Minister:In 1969 together with four other officers he overthrew the Govt. of Ismail al-Azhari, and became prime minister and chairman of the Revolutionar Command Council (RCC). He starts a campaign aiming at reforming Sudan's economy through nationalisation of banks and industries as well as some land reforms. He used position to enact a number of socialist and Pan-Arabistreforms.
Disputes between Marxist and Non-marxist elements within the ruling Military coalition resulted in a briefly successful coup in July 1971, led by the Sudanese Communist Party. Several days later, anti-Communist military elements restored Nimeiri to power.In 1972, the Addis Ababa agreement led a cessation of the north-south civil war . This led to a period of 10 years.
Omdurman City
In late 1975 a military coup by Communist members of the armed forces, led by Brigadier Hassan Hussein Osman, failed to remove Nimeiri from power. General Elbagir, Nimeiri's deputy , led a counter coup that brought Nimeiri back within few hours. Brigadier Osman was wounded and later court martialed and executed.
In 1976, the Ansars under the leadership of Sadiq al-Mahdi attempted a unsuccessful coup against Nimeiri.