Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Sudan, Al-Bashir (contd-1)

On 16th Oct., 1993, made himself president of the country and dissolved the the Rvolutinary Command Council for National Salvationand all other rival political parties.The executive and legislative powers of the council were later given

to al-Bashir completely.In the early 1990s, al-

Bashir administration gave the green light to float a new currency called the Sudanese Dinar to replace the battered old Sudanese pound that had lost 90%of its worth during the turbulant of 1980s.He was later elected president (with a five year term) in the 1996 national election, where where he was the only candidate by law to run the election and Hassan al-Turabi was elected to seat in the national assembly where he served as speaker of the national assembly during the 1990s.In 1998 al-Bshir and the presidential committee put into effect a new constitution , allowing limited political associations in opposition to al-Bashir's. On 12 Dec 1999 alBashir sent trops and tanks to Praliament and ousted Hassan al-Turabi , the speaker of the Parliament in a coup. Al-Bashir was criticesed through out the world but he managed by maintaining the groath rate of Sudan having trde relation wiith China and Russia with oil.

Sudan, Khrtoum

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