Thursday, December 24, 2009

Sudan, Foreign Policy (contd-4)

Abu Nidal
Osama bin Laden Bashir has made clear his intent to take a strongly pan-Arabist approach to foreign relations, voicing his desire to Sudan a model Islamic State in the region. Shortly after coming to power , Bashir approached many Arab countries such as Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirirates, and Iraq, seeking assistance in the form of money, medical supplies,oil,and weapons. Capitalising on his self proclaimed solidarity with the Arab World, Bashir personally visited Iraq, announcing soon afterwards that President Saddam Hussein had promised to to meet Sudan'srequirements for aid and weapons.
During Bashir's period of power, Sudan has acquired anInternational reputation for political repression, human rights abuses,and support of terrorism. In the early and mid-1990s , notorious international figures --Carlos the Jackal, Osama bin Laden, Abu Nidal, and other terrorist leaders -resided in Khartoum.

the United States added Sudan in the list of countries spawning international terrorism in Aug 1993.

The United States , the Netherlands, Italy, Germany, Saudi Arabiam Kuwait, and other organisation of petroleum Exporting Counttries, (OPEC) have supplied most of Sudan's economic assistance.