Monday, December 14, 2009

Sudan, Hassan al-Turabi (contd-6)

A Sudanese Islamist leader who once protected Al Qaeda supremo Osama bin Laden was branded an apostate by the country's Muslim Scholars on Sunday for taking a liberal stand on women's rights. ( Sudan Tribune, 10.12.2009)

Six separatist political parties in Southern Sudan have walked out of a conference hosted by SPLM in Juba, accusing the organisers of sabotaging the right of self-determination for the people of the semi-autonomous region. The All Sudanese Political Parties Conference began in Juba on Sunday was supposed to be attended by 23 out of
79 registered political Parties in the country. The agenda of the Coference announced during the opening session by the SPLM Secretary general, Pagan Amum, included national reconciliation and healing , democratic transformation . ( Sudan Tribune,10.12.2009)

Differences have emerged between Several Sudanese opposition parties that are set to take part in the Juba conference later this week, multiple sources tell Sudan Tribune.
Photo in 2006, from left, Mahmoud Hassanein, dep. leader, (DUP), Muhammed Ibrahim,Gen. Sec., Sudanese Communist party, Hassan al-Turabi, (PCP), Al-Shadiq Almahdi, Umma party.

From left, Hassan al-Turabi, Reikh macghar and Sadiq al-Mahdi