Monday, December 21, 2009

Sudan, Foreign Relation (contd-1)

Internal Circular with guide-lines to military dictatorship by the Communist party of Sudan ,30 June, 1989.Sudan underwent three coups after the second world war . The military coup of June led by Umar al-Bashir, takes an Islamic turn. The Communist party of Sudan (Al-Hizb Shuyuci al-Sudani), The CPS loses its three MPs , immediately after the , which was founded in 1946, is banned , together with the other Parties.
Hizb al-shuyi al-Sudani Collection
Founded in 1946 as the Sudanese Movement for National Liberation (SMNL); supported the struggle for national Independence , gained by the Sudan in 1956, after which thhe SHNL, changed its name into al-Hizbal-Hizb al-al-Shuyu'i Al-Sudani (Communist Party of Sudan, CPS); founder of the Sudan;s workers trade union federation (SMTUF) in 1950; had strong ties with the organisation of Railway workers and cotton growers;. recruiting its members among workers, students and new professionals the party remained a rather weak political factor ; joined the front of opposition prties (FOP) against the military regime of 1958, which was brought down by October revolution of 1964; in 1967 the Muslim brotherhood succeeded in having the CPS outlawed as an atheist organisation ; re-established itself as Socialist Party of Sudan ; divided on its position towards the "Free Officers" of ja' far al-Nimeiri, who took power in 1969; After the failure of a counter coup d'etat by Communist Officers in 1971 the party was outlawed again and its leader Abd al-khaliq Mahjub executed ; continuing its activities underground the CPS did not regain its legal status until 1985; after the Military take over of 1989 the CPS, being banned once again, joined the National Democratic Alliance, which aims at democracy and autonomy of the south of the Sudan.