Friday, December 18, 2009

Sudan, Economy, Other Sectors

Accountability Act (DPAA) of Oct 2006. Here legislators attempted to carve out exclusion zones known as the "specified areas of Sudan " which would be exempt from US sanctions . These exempted areas include South Sudan, South Korfan/Nuba mountain state, Blue nile state, Abeyi, Darfur, and IDP camps in and around khartoum which are to engage in commerce and trde by US entities " provided that the activities or trnasactions do not involve any property or interests in property of the Govt. of Sudan. Sudan, one of Africa's poorest countries, predominately agriculturaleconomy although the development of the oil-export industryhas led to substantial shift in the economic structure. Estimates for 2003, indicate that the services sector is the leading contributing sector to Sudan's GDP . Services contribute 41 % to the GDP, agriculture 38.7 %, and industry 20.3 %.