Saturday, December 5, 2009

Sudan, Chad-Sudan conflict

The Chad-sudan conflict officially started on Dec. 23, 2005, when the Govt of Chad declared a state of war with Sudan and called for the citizens of Chadto mobilise themselves against the "common enemy."-- the United Front for democratic change, a coalition of rebel factions dedicated to overthrowing Chadian President Idriss Deby (and who the chadians belive are backed by the Sudanese Govt.)and Sudanese Janjawid, who have been raiding refugee camps and certain tribes in estern Chad. Deby accuses Sudanese president Omar Hassan Ahmad Al-Bashir of trying to "destabilise our country , to drive our people into misery, to create disorder and export the war

from Darfur to Chad.
The problem prompting the declaration of war was an attack on the Chadian town of Adre near the Sudanese border that led to the deaths of either one hundred rebels (as most news sources reported) or three hundred rebels. The Sudanese Govt. was blamedfor the attac, which was the second in the region in three days, but sudanrsr foreign ministry spokesman Jamal Mohammad Ibrahim denied any Sudanese involve ment, "we are not for any escalation with Chad. We technically deny involvement in Chadian internal affairs."Th battle of Adre led to the declaration of war by Chad and the alleged deployment of the Chadian irforce into Sudanese airspace, which the Xhadian Govt. denies.

The leaders of sudan and Chad signed an agreement in Saudi arabia on May 3,2007, to stop fighting from the Darfur conflictalong their countries' 1,000 kms border.