Thursday, December 17, 2009

Sudan, Agriculure in aid of China

Success in Water test of Kehaila East Agriculture Scheme, Sudan;
(In aid of China International Water and Electric Corpn.)
On April 29, 2008, Kehaila East Agriculture Scheme succeeded in test of watergoing through , 9 pumps in the main pumping station and 9 blower pumps all passed the text successfully , which marked the substantial completion of another resettlement project in Merowe Dam, Sudan,this met the requirements of future commission.
Until now, CWE had undertaken totally 5 agricultural schemes in Sudanwith contact volume accounting for 200 million USD, with construction period of 23 months and is composed of 3 parts , namely, pumping stations, water channels, and electric power stations. This project, together with Debba pump Station completed in 2003. New Amri Agricultural scheme finished last year and El Makabra Agricultural scheme , which is still under construction are all the resettlement projects of Merowe Dam, with an aim t provide stable water resources fo agriculture irrigation in immigration settlement area ,The whole irrigation line lasts for 400 km, , covering more than
1 million mu that over 3 million people will be benefited from this.

Merowe dam Project, Sudan
The agricultural sector was at the foot position of productive sectors in Sudan's economy for a long period of time. However the agricultural sector contributed with 45.5 % of the total share in the GDP Moreover there are 75 % of the population relay on it providing them with food and jobs.Beside that it provides the raw materials for local industries, and it also contributedsignificantly in export proceeds agricultural sector also contribte livestock (animal recources)with 44.5%
of agricultural productivity.