Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Sudan, Al-Bashir

Al-Bashir was born in the village Hoshe Bannaga, then part of the kingdom of Egyptand Sudan. He received his primary education there, and his family later moved to Khartoum where he completed his secondary education.All Bashir is married to his cousin fatima Khadim. He also has

a second wife named Widad Babikar Omer, who
had a number of children with her first husband Ibrahim Shamsaddin, a member of Al-Bashir does not have any child of his own.
He joined the Sudanese Army in 1960and studied in the Egyptian Military Academy in cairo, as well as graduation from the Sudan Military Academy in Khartoumin 1966.He quickly rose through the ranks and became a paratrooper. Later, al-bashir served with Egyptian Army during the Oct. War of 1973 against the Israel.
Presidency:1989 Military Coup
He returned to Sudan as a colonel in the Sudan Army, and led a group of Army officers in ousting the unstable coalition Govt.of Sadiq al-Mahdiin abloodless Military coup, 0n 30 June, 1989. Under al-Bashir leadership, the new military govt. suspended all political parties and introduced an Islamic Legal Codeon the national level. He then became Chairman of the Revolutionary Command Council for national Salvation.and assumed the posts of chief of state, prime Minister, the chief of the armed forces and the minister of defense.He allied himself with himself
with Hassan alTurabi., the leader of the national islamic Front. Both of them intrduced Sharia lawin the northern part of Sudan. Banning all the independent News Paper he imprisoned all the important persons and leaders of political parties.