Saturday, December 26, 2009

Sudan, Education

Education in Sudan is free and compulsory for children aged 6 to 13 years . Primary education consists of 8 years followed by 3 years secondary education.In 2001 World bank estimated that primary enrolment was 46 p.c. of eligible pupils and 21 p.c. of secondary students.
According to WB in 2002, literacy rate is 60 p.c, of aged 15 years. Sudan was a British Colony got its Independence in 1956. The official language is Arabic in the north and English in the South, both intermixing. We have sheeped containers of educational books, and are in the process of restoring or reconstructing schools, which were demolished by the Islamists from the north. In some cases we are building from the ground up.The five schools that we have funded to be built are nearing completion and some are nearly for use by thestudents eager to learn.
The full generation of youngsters have missed education altogether because of civil war, the violent attacks by air and on the ground , and the need for millioons of peopleto run for their lives.About 4,000,000 people are still still internally displacedbecause of northern aggression.
2,000,000have died either by attack or by starvation and mal-nutrition. A primary teacher. Swap, Bol and Gai; Kristy Swap,Manute Bol and Abraham Gai. The southern Sudan Education Project (SSEP)held a banquet and fund raiser at the Utah Multicultural Center in Salt lake City (Africa). the Key note speaker for the event was Manute Bol-best known as the tallest man in the world.