Friday, December 4, 2009

Sudan, Darfar Conflict

Just as the long north-soth civil war reaching a within Sudan , some clashes occurred in the western region of Darfar in the early 1970s between the pastoral tribes. The rebels accused the central Govt. of neglecting the Darfar region economically, although there is uncertaintyregarding the objectives of the rebelsand whether they merely an improved position for Darfar within Sudan or outright secession. Both the Govt. and the rebels have been accused of atrocities in this war, Althogh most of the blame has fallen on Arab militias
known as the janjaweed, which are armed men appointed by the Al Saddiq Al Mahdi. According o declaration by the United States Govt. these militias have been engaging in genocide.
1. Chad says Sudan Govt. -backed backed militias are attacking villagers in Chad. Some 200,000 Darfar refugeess are also in Chad.
2. Sudan accuses Chad of backing Darfar rebels,
3. Chad says it will send troops to help CAR fight the rebels,
4. Car says Sudan backs rebels rebels who have seized towns in CAR.