Sunday, December 20, 2009

Sudan, Foreign Relations

On Monday, March 27, the Henry L.Stimson, center, hosted a gathering of experts to discuss the release of new report by the Future of Peace operations program, on trail: The US Military and the International Criminal Court . The report is the culmination of a year-long investigation into the views of US military personnel towards the ICC. Authors Victoria K. Holt, co-ordinator of the Future of Peace Operations program, and Ellizabeth Dalles prescribed their findings in a diverse audience , including representatives from the NGO, military, academic and policy making communities. Discussants included major Gen. William l nash, USA (red), Director of the Center for Preventive Action at the Council on Foreign relations and Stephen Richard , director of the open Society Institute Washington Office.The discussion among participants was moderated by Kenneth Becon, President of refugees International.
Council of Foreign Relation: A seminar on Surviving Sudan. Speakers are Christiane Amanpour, CNN interanational correspondent, Dele Olojede, Foreign Editor, Newsday, and John Pender gast , Director, Africa Ploicy Studies , Council of Foreign Relations.

Hu Jintao meets with Sudanese Vice-president Taha
Chinese president Hu Jintao met with visiting Sudanese Vice-president Mohmmad Taha at the Great hall of the people of China, on Darfur issue.