Thursday, December 10, 2009

Sudan, Osama bin Laden (contd-1)

Probably the most infamous part of Laden's ideology is that civilians , including women and children, are legitimate targets of Jihad.Bin laden is antisemitic, and has delivered warnings against alleged Jewish conspiracies ; "These Jews are masters of usury and leaders in treachery. They will leave you nothing, either in this world or the next."Shia Muslim have been listed along with Heretics,....America and Israel," as the four principal "enemies of Islam" at ideology classes of Bin Laden's al-Qaeda organisation.
In keeping with Wahhabi beliefs, bin Laden oposes music on religious grounds, and attitude towards technology is mixed. He is interested in earth moving machinery and genetic engineering of plants" on the one hand , but rejects "chilled water" on the other.
His view points and methods of achieving them have led to him been designated as a trrorist by scholars, journalists from the New York Times, the British broadcasting corporation, and Qatari news station Al jazeera, analysts such as Peter Bergen, Michael Scheuer, Marc Sageman, and Bruce Hoffman and he was indicted on terrorism charges by law enforcement agencies in Madrid , New York City, and Tripoli.

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