Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Sudan, History (contd-9)

Dr. John Garang

War with the north:
Dinka's religious beliefs and lifestyle have led to conflict with the Islamic Government in Khartoum. The Sudan's people Liberation Army (SPLA), led by late Dr. John garang, a Dinka, took arms against the Govt. in 1983. During the subsequent 21 year civil war many thousands of Dinka, along with fellow non-Dinka southerners , were massacared by Govt. forces. The Dinka have also engaged in a separate civil war with the Nuer.
In Nov. 15 , 1991, the Bor massacre took place in Southern Sudan , triggered by a coup declaration against the then SPLA chairman the late dr. John garang , on Aug 28, 1991, by the current vice-president of the govt. of Southern Sudan, Dr. Rick Machar. Dr. Machar 's forces killed 500 civilians in bor and wounded the same number in the course of two months . Immediately after came famine since Machar forces looted and burned villages and raided cattle.
Another 25,000 people died as a result , according to Amnesty International. Dr. Rickdescrbed the incident as propaganda and myth despite horrific evidence of mass killing shown by bones and corpses in the aftermath of the massacre.

Sizable groups of Dinka refugees may be found in distant lands, including Jacjsonville, Florida, and clarkston, a working class suberb of Atlanta, Georgia, as well as in Canada.
The experience of Dinka refugee was portrayed in documentary.