Friday, August 21, 2009

A Nation- Marx to Mao

A Nation is a concept, rather, a by-product in the age of Capitalism due to the contradiction between a feudal and or a Capitalist society with another Capitalist society. The term has come to exist after the French revolution i.e. after the end of eighteenth century. From the time of Marx and Engales it was discussed at length. Mao, a pragmatic Marxian leader, explained the term national minority directly by citing several examples of his time. He said that the Mongols and Hans should co-perate closely and have faith in Marxism. All our minority nations should trust each other, no matter what nationalities they were.They must see which side truth lied.Marx himself was a Jew, Stalin belonged to a Minority nation , and Chiang Kai-shek was a Han, a bad one, whom we strongly opposed. We must not insist that only people of a given province should take charge of the administrationof that province. The place of origin of a man was irrelevant-northerner or southerner, this national minority or that minority, ( that were all the same). The questions were whether they had communism and how much.This point should be explained clearly to our minorities.
To begin with, The Han was not a big race, but a mixture of a great number of races. The Han people had conquered many minority nations in history and driven them to highlands. (We) must take a historicsal view of our nationality question and find out that we either should depend on minority nationalism or on Communism. Ofcourse, w3e should depend on Communism. We should need our regions but not regionalism.