Saturday, August 29, 2009

Bangladesh, Reactions of WW II

At the end of 30s (1 Sep 1939), German invaded Poland and two days later England and France declared war against Germany. Thus began WW II. Hitler turning to the west successively overran Norway and Denmark in April 1940, Holland, Bilgium and Luxembourg in May 1940. Then came the turn of France. Within few days France came under the foot of Hitler. Though Britain was not directly attacked, she suffered a great deal from air bombing.
German Troops, 1935

German plane bombing Warsaw in 1939

Clockwise from top left: 1. Commonwealth troops,2. Japanese buries Chinese,3. Soviet soldiers,4. Japanese,5. Soviet troops, 6. German Submarine

Both sides gained new allies. First Italy (11 Jine,1940)and Japan (7 Dec !941) joined Germany to form axis against France and Britain. The USA joined the Allies onMarch 1941, as a result of Japan's action. Italy invaded Somaliland to move the war to Northern africa, , germany invaded Greece, Yugoslavia and Crete. Axis powers initially wason the offensive. Hitler suddenly invaded Russiaon 22 June, 1941 and the whole scenario was completely changed.

Imperialist war turned into Peoples' war.