Monday, August 3, 2009

Bangladesh, Jinnah ( contd-2)

Maryam Jinnah, 2nd wife of Mr.Jinnah
Jinnah played an important role in the founding of the All India Home Rule League in 1916 with other political leaders Annie Basant, Tilak- the status of a self governing dominion in the empire similar to Canada, Newzealand and Austrlia.He headed the League's Bombay Presidency chapters.
In 1918 Jinnah, Married his second wife (1st wife died just after marriage), Rattanbai junior by 24 years than him, facing serious opposition. In 1919, she gave birth the only daughter of Iinnah,Dina Jinnah.

From left, Sister of Jinnah, Himself, Daughter Dina Jinnah
Constitutional struggle :
Jinnah was in favour of "ordered progress,"- moderation, graduation, and constitutionalism. He felt that political terrorism was not the pathway to national liberation but the dark alley to disaster and destruction.Hence, He didn't like Gandhi's novel methods of satyagraha and the tripple boycott of Govt.'s institutions, products ( textiles etc) and payment of taxes. When Gandhii was elected as the president of the Home Rule League and sought to change the constitution as well as its nomenclature, Jinnah had resigned from the Home Rule League saying that this programme might attract the youths, ignorants and illiterates which would cause disorganisation and chaos. jinnah also didn't like Gandhi's tactics to exploit the Khilafat and wrongfully handling the Punjab in the early twenties. jinnah warned the Nagpur Congress session that swaraj within a year would not be possible to carry out. he felt that there was no short cut to Indepedence. The future course of action proved wwhat Jinnah had said. Though he left Congress he tried for Hidu-muslim unity as he thought that this was prime condition necessary for swaraj.

Both of them were fighting for the independence of India in their own way