Sunday, August 30, 2009

Bangladesh, Subhas Chandra Bose

Subhas Chandra entered the Freedom Struggle for Indian in July,1921 and was arrested in a mass movement on 10 Dec 1921. He was arrested, for short and long period including his stay in Europe from 1933 to 1936,11 times till he was in India. He left India with a mission, to make India free by revolutionary means, on 17 Jan 1941, at 1,15 A.M.
Before his departure he was arrested, for the last time in India, on 2 July 1940, as he was looked by the British Govt. as a dangerous revolutionary , under section 129 Of the Defence of India Rules. He decided to go on hunger strike on 26 Nov 1940 and wrote a letter to the Governor of Bengal and His Ministries (Huq Ministry) in the following lines,
The individual must die, so that the nation may live. Today I must die so that India may win Freedom and glory.
He started his fast on 29 Nov 1940. But as he was developing alarming symptoms, Govt. released him and kept him at his house at Elgin Road under strict surveillanceby the Police.
Tokyo Military Training

INA parade on 5 July 1943

Subhas Bose laying foundation stone at Singapore on 8 July 1945