Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Bangladesh, Two Nation Theory (Contd-4)

Alberuni (973-1048) born in Uzbekistan on Sept. 973 and died in Ghazni today's Afghanistan in 13 Dec. 1048. On 1973 Afghan post stamp commemorating his one thousand anniversary. He was a Persian and multidimensional scholar of the 11th century.
He was a scientist, a physicist, an anthropologist, a comparative sociologist, an astronomer, a chemist, a critic of alchemist and astrology, an encyclopedist, a historian, a geographer, a traveler, a geodesist and geologist, a mathematician,a pharmacist and pshychologist, an Islamic Philosopher and theologian, a scholar and a teacher. He was the first Muslim scholar to study India and Brahminical tradition, and has been described as the founder of Indology, the father of geodesy,,and the first anthropologist. as said by George Saarton he was one of the greates scientist if Islam

An illustration from Biruni's Persian Book

A statue of Biruni in Iran

An Iranian Painting of Biruni, Showing him writing one of his books In the Introduction to his book, INDICA, Biruni himself wrote that his intent behind the work was to engage dialogue between Islam and and the Indian religion, particularly Hiduism as well as Budhism. He said that "the book (he wrote) would be sufficient for any one willing to converse with the Hindus".According to Arthur Jeffery Biruni was an unprejudicedin his views about religion. Though his name had been mentioned as an aid to form the idea of two-nation theory but on close study it was found that he had simply mentioned the similarities and dissimilarities between the Hindu and the Muslim religion which in no case would help the formation of Pakistan.