Saturday, August 29, 2009

Bangladesh, Reactions of WWII (contd-1)

Declaration of war by Britain against Germany automatically made India a belligerent , as in 1914 excepting the popular ministries in the provinces at present, in 1939. The non-Congress ministries, in Punjab, Bengal ( Huq Ministry) and Sindh pledged their full support to Britain. The indian States were sloidly behind the Govt. The National Liberal Federation and Hindu Mahasabha were also offered their support to Govt. But the Congress refused to cooperate with it in any way.Though Gandhi and Nehru had some softness towards Great Britain, but following the decision of Forward Bjoc led by Subhas Chandra Bose, Congress in the Working Committee resolved that it was an unequivocal reiteration of the old Imperialist policy. Accordingly all the Congress Ministry resigned between 27 Oct and 15 Nov, 1939.

German troops in France

Japanese Forces