Monday, August 24, 2009

Bangladesh, Result after the result of the election,1935

Dr. Ramesh majumdar in his history book, History of Freedom Movement, mentioned it appeared that not only Nehru, president of the Congress, other Congress leaders also thought that the Muslim League had no great hold over the country..... Jawaharlal Nehru announed in March 31, 1937, that a separate dept. would be started to organise the Muslims outside the Congress which already been started in UP where Muslim League had strong hold.
The appeal to the upper classes was rather sordid in character, and its term were implicit rather than explicit. In effect, though not in actual words, it amounted to aninsiduous propaganda of the following type :
"Political power with all its patronage and influence it implied was now exclusively in the hands of the Congress and there it would remain. True to its principles, Congress would not deny a fair share of its appoinments from Ministers office downwards to the Moslem minority , but it could not be expected to bestow them on any but congress Moslems. For a Moslem to stay in the League , therefore, was to condemn himself to a lifetime in the wilderness.
Jinnah took up the challenge. In his presidential address at the Lakhnau session of the Muslim League he said that the present leadership of the Congress , specially during the last ten years, had been responsible for alienating the Musalmans of India more and more by pursuing a policy which is exclusively Hindu, and since they had formed the Govt. in six provinces where they are in a majority , they had by their words,deeds and proggramme shown more and more that the Musalmans could not expect any justice or fair play at their hands.
The before the Musalmans was therefore clear.Immediately after Jinnah's address the muslims outside the League began to join Muslim League and within two or three months after the Lakhnau conference 170 new branches of the league had been established , 90 of them were in UP. No less than 1,00,000 new members enlisted their names. Three successive bye-elections in UP were all won by Muslim league.

Choudhuri rahmat Ali, a cambridge student, after the annoncement of an All-india federation at the Round Table Conference, distributed a four-page leaflets headed by "now or never " explaining the term Pakistan as;

P for Punjab, A for Afghan, K for Kashmir, S for Sindh, (four initials of the words) and TAN (last part of) Baluchistan.