Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Pakistan, Split of Muslim League (contd-4)

Malik Barkat Ali changed his position and wrote to the Jt. Secretary, AIML, on 19 Nov 1927, that "the Lahore invitation may be treated as withdrawn," However, the move was neutralized in time by Firoz Khan Noon with the support of Allama Muhammad Iqbal. On the same date Noon wrote a letter to the Secretary of the AIML on 19 Nov 1927, "that he consider the Punjab invitation as still standing and not withdrawn," Thus Muslim League of Punjab was divided ino two groups. One group was in favor of cooperation with the Simon Commission and the other opposed it.
However , in the Council meeting under the presidentship of Shafi, on 20 Nov 1927, passed resolution in favor of the Lahore faction.Malik  Barkat Ali voted in favor of Sir Shafi.Assistant Secretary of the AIML, Syed Samsul Hassan, said that the AIML was taking steps contrary the course followed by Mr. Jinnah.Jinnah could not attend the meeting. Nawab Sir Zulfiqar Ali Khan , one of the vice-president, presided over the meeting. Two opinions came up after discussion.
    1 The session may be held at Lahore under the Presidentship of Sir Sharif,
    2. The session may be held at Calcutta under the presudentship of Hakim Ajmal Khan. But as Hakim Ajmal khan was seriously ill, his name should not be proposed.Hence since there were only one proposal of holding the session at Lahore with Presidentship of Sir Shafi, this was taken and the meetim=ng was adjourned.
Dr. Kitchlew considered the Council decision  of 20 Nov, as  regrettable and highly detrimental to national and communal interest.the Council requested Dr. Kitchlew to holdanother meeting to revise council decision about venue and presidentship.
Mujibur Rahman, secretary Bengal Provincial Muslim League also demanded revision of the decision.Jinnah demanded Samsul Hasan to call for a meeting 11 Dec at the Head Quarter, Ballimaran Street and asked Dr. Ansari to use his influence to secure a majority for Calcutta with Aga Khan as President.Inspite of the attempt of Sir Shafi to postpone the meeting, it was held on 11 Dec1927.Only 27 members attended Council  meeting but a large number of absentee votes swang the decision in favour of Calcutta to be the venue. the previous decision was revised by 84 to 54 votes.Sir Firoz Khan noon, Dr. Iqbal , Hasrat Mohani and their follower left the meeting in disgust.
The Split in the League had finally becomme absolutely clear.