Saturday, February 20, 2010

Pakistan, Jinnah's Political life (contd-1)

Congress-League scheme embodied in this pact was to become the basis for the Montagi-Chelmsford reforms, also known as the Act of 1919. In retrospect, the Lucknow Pact represented a milestone in the evolution of Indian Politics. For one thing, it conceded 
   1. Muslim rights to separate electorates,
   2. reservation of seats inthe legislature,
   3. and weightage in the representation both at the centre and minority provinces.
Thus their interests were ensured in the next phase of reforms.
Moreover it was a tacit recognition of of the AIML as the representative organisation of the Muslims in India.
For allthese things Jinnah's credit was established and Jinnah became a recognised leader by both Hidus amd Muslims. Jinnah was held as the ambassador of Hindu-muslim unity at that time.