Sunday, February 28, 2010

History of Islam in India (contd-3)

Moinudin Chisti dargah, Ajmer,India In the 9th century when the Abbasids were in decline, Sindh was slipping out of their clutches, India came to be Known as a faraway land whose inhabitants were on par with those of Rum and China. They were regarded as one of the most civilized communities outside of Islamic rule.By the time the Abbasid Caliphate felt there were many orders that had sprung up across the Muslim world , founded by eminent Sufi scholars.To spread Islam Sufis played a very important role.
The Sufis belonged to different tariqas (orders). In India Chisti orders are most viable. The sufis unorthodox approach towards Islam made it easier for Hindus to prctice. Hazrat Khawaja muin-Ud-di Chisti etc trained sufis for the propagation of Islam in different parts of India.

Tomb of Khaja Afaq near Kashgar,China
Maulana Rumi's tomb, Konya, turkey