Thursday, February 4, 2010

Pakistan, Early days of Muslim League

In the early days of Muslim League there was no demand for separate state. Their main goal were :
 1. To promote understanding between the Muslim Community and other Indians, educating the Muslim and Indian community at large on the actions of the govt. discouraging violence.
 2. to safeguard Muslim rights and liberties, and
 3, to get proportional representation in all affairs including parliamentary bodies and other services.and promote among the Muslims of India , feelings of loyalty to the British govt.
The principles of the league were laid down in the "Green book,"which included the organisation's constitution, written by Maulana Mohammad Ali.  
Jinnah at first didnot join the league till 1913when it changed its platform to one of Indian Independence as a reaction against the British decision to reverse the 1905 partition of Bengal, which the League regarded as a betrayal of the Bengali muslims. At this stage Jinnah believed in Hindu-muslim co-operation to achieve an Independent , united india, although he argued that Muslims should be granted one-third of the seats in any Indian parliament.While a few years the League had become the sole representative body of Indian Muslims. Jinnah became its president in 1916 and negotiated the Lucknow Pact with the congress , in which Congress conceded the principle of separate electorates and weighted representation for the muslim Community.