Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Pakistan, Split of Muslim League (contd-3)

                                                                  In June 1927, Jinnah visited Lahore and advocated the acceptance of the proposal but met with little success. Sir Fazli Hussain strongly opposed the joint electorates. Hence , implicitly, the AIML  stood divided into two camps, those who supported the joint electorates were led by Jinnah (known as Jinnah league) and those who opposed were led by Sir Muhammad Shafi known as (Shafi league) the council members of the AIMLfrom the Punjab met at Lahore under Malik Feroz Khan Noon.  
A joint manifesto was issued on 23rd July 1927 thoroughly disapproving the joint electorate scheme.
On the meanwhile the question before the AIML Council (Jinnah group) was to consider the venue for the 1927 annual session , and to elect the Party President.On 8 Sept. 1927, Malik Barkat Aliand Malik Feroz khan Noon invited the AIML to hold its annual session at Lahore.Mirza Ijaz Hussain, Jt.Secretary of the AIML wrote to Jinnah on 30 Sep 1927, that there were four invitations tto consider for the League session.,i.e., Madras, punjab, UP and Calcutta. 
in the mean time viceroy convened the appointment of the Statutory Commission on Reforms on Nov 1927, only five days after the commission was announced. It  was to be headed by Sir John Simonassisted by six other Member of Parliament.The punjab Muslim League met and announced to co-operate with the Commission. The only opponent of the resolution were Dr. Kitchlew, Maulana Zafar Ali Khan, Malik Barkat Ali, and Gulam mohiuddin. this had been done before Jinnah sent his protest telegram to the Secretary of State . Thus both the groups stood divided on the issues of Simon Commission as well as the electorates.It seemed that the british govt. wanted use it as a bargaining counter so as to disintegrate the Swarajist Party. Further more through he Muslims discarding separate electorate in Delhi, Govt. had got the chance to divide the Muslims on this issueand deprived Jinnah of some Muslim backing.   .

Malik feroz Khan Noon