Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Pakistan, Jinnah (contd-5)

Ratti and Jinnah loved each other till the end of their lives but unfortunately their marriage failed just after few years. Ratti was not happy with the fact that Jinnah was working over-time and was unable to give time to his family. By the mid-1922 Jinnah became too much busy in Indian politics and their relationship took a lowest possible level. Ratti, a cancer patient shifted to Bombay's Taj Hotel where she was taken care of by the hotel staff.  Kanji, her close friend, continued to be her constant companion. By Feb 18, 1929, she had become so weak that all she could manage to say to him was a request to look after her cats. Two days later, Rutti Petit Jinnah died. it was her 29th birth day.

Ratti bai's last letter


She was buried on Feb 22 in Khoja Isnaashari Cimetary, Mazgaon, Bombay according to Muslim rites.Jinnah sat like a statue throughout the funeral but when asked to throw earthon the grave, he broke down and wept. that was the only time his friend mr. Chagla saw him wiping..