Thursday, February 4, 2010

Pakistan, Lucknow pact,1916

Lucknow pact refers to an agreement between Indian National Congress and Muslim League.In 1916, Muhammad Ali Jinnah, a member  of the Muslim League negotiated with the Indian National Congress to reach an agreement to Presure the British Govt. to have a more liberal approach to India and give Indians more authoriy to run their country. This was a considerable change of policy for the Muslim League, as it was established to preserve Muslim interests in India, they needed to support British rule in India. After the unpopular partition of Bengal, the Muslim League was confused about its stand and it was at this time that jinnah approached the league . Jinnah was the mastermind and architect of the pact.
The lucknow Pact also marked the establishment of cordial relations between the two two prominent groups of the INCled by Tilak and Gokhale.