Friday, February 19, 2010

Pakistan, Jinnah (contd-7)

Jinnah  made his will in 1939 which Mr. Liaqat Ali Khan, closest associate of Jinnah and First prime Minister of Pakistan, came to learn after thr death of mr. Jinnah that he was made its trustee and executor.Prof. Akbar Ahmed in his movie of 15-20 minutes about Jinnah;s personal life.
Dina, the only daughter of Jinnah and Rittie, was born on the night  between 14th and 15th Aug 1919. She was a premature child when Mr. Jinnah and Ruttie was enjoyingn a movieat a local theatre at London.Dina spent most of her childhood in Bombay and London and her schooling was done in London. Jinnah tried her daughter to be a Muslim child and gave her responsibility to Fatima Jinnah, Jinah'ssister.
But she was introduced to Neville Wadia and had a relation with him.Dina's relationship with Wadia , a parsi born Indian, strained her relation with her father.