Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Pakistan, Moplahs Revolt (contd-1)

During the early months of 1921, excitement spread speedily from mosque to mosque, village to village. he violent speeches of the Ali brothers, the july resolution of the Khilafat conderence all added fuel to the fire.All through July and Aug Khilafat meetings were held in which the Karachi resolutionwas fervently endorsed , knives, swords, etc. were secretly manufactured and preparations were made to the proclaim of the coming of the kingdom of Islam. on Aug. '20, the dist. magistrate of calicut with help of troops attempted to arrest leaders with weapons at tiryrangadi, a severe encounter took place with the police and arrests of sme leaders with weapons were made.
Govt. properties were destroyed , Europeans who could not escape were victims in the hands of Moplahs activists, hindus were not allowed to escape. According to official records the govt. lost 43 troops with 126 wounded, while moplahs loss was 3,000, with a rougj account of 10,000< . It was considered a jihad against non-muslims, hindu women were raped and thousands converted forcibly to Muslims.
it is important to note that the Mopla riots came just after the all india khilafat agitation  supported by muslim leaders and mustafa Attaturk was declared the modern caliphate.
   Gandhi tried to condole the Hindus .