Saturday, February 13, 2010

Pakistan, Nehru Report

"(Motilal) Nehru Report"(1928) was a memorandum outlining a proposed constitution for India. It was prepared by a Committee of the All Parties conference chaired by Motilal Nehru with his son Jawaharlal Nehru acting as Secretary. There were 9 other members in this committee including 2 Muslims.
The British Govt., as per their policy, wanted to construct the Indian constitution to be in practiced after Independence stated in the govt. of India Act, 1919, conceded the rights of indians' to frame their own Constitution in the 1942 Cripps declaration.
This was not a first attempt by indians to draft a new constitution . A non-official effort was made by mrs. Besant with some of her Indian friends which was revised by a so-called All-Parties Conference met at Delhi in jan.-feb., 1925,and was formally approved by a convention held at Cawnpore in April. It was drafted as a stute and introduced in the House of commons by Mr. George Lansbury, Dec. 9, 1925, under the Title "The Commonweaith of India Bill." The Bill proposed to confer upon India the Full Status of a Dominion subject to some temporary reservations. The right to frame own constitution by Indians was strongly debated in the British Parliament. Lord Birkenhead , the Secretary of State for India, made a speech in the house of lords that the Indians could not produce one of such Constitution which would acceptable by the leaders of the variois indian communities and campbell in some other terms was also in the same line of thinking.
  Muslim league leaders rejected Nehru Proposals.