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Tanzania, Zanzibar (cotinued)

United Republic of Tanzania
Zanzibar received its Independence from United kingom on 19 Dec.,as a constitutional monarchy under the Sultan. On Jan. 12, 1964, the African majority revolted against the sultan and a new government was formed with the ASP leader, Abeid Karume, as president of Zanzibar and chairman of the revolutionary Council. Under the terms of its political union with Tandnyika in April 1964, the Zanzibar govt. retained considerable local autonomy.
To form a sole ruling party in both the union Nyerere merged TANU with the Zanzibar ruling party, the Afro-Shiraji party (ASP)of Zanzibar to form the CCM (Chama Cha Mapinduzi-CCM revolutionary Party), on Feb, 1977.After two months a new constitution for the unified two parties was confirmed in 1984.Some changes in the administration of the party and the govt. took place.
Zanzibar, mainly Pemba island, was once the world's leading clove producer during the 1970s but annul clove sales have since plummeted by 80 % .
Zanzibar exports spices, seaweed and fine raffia. it also has a fishing and dugout canoe production. Tourism is a major foreign currency earner.
Indians in zanzibar
A Zanzibar beach House of Wonders, Zanzibar
Cloves have played a significant role in the History of zanzibar's economy
East coast beach, Zanzibar
A Zanzibar beach