Thursday, May 28, 2009

Cambodia (Asia),Introduction

Cambodia, Formerly known as Kampuchea, is a country in south-east Asia.
Cambodia is the successor state of the once powerful Hindu and Budhist Khmer Empire, , which ruled most most of the IndochinesePeninsula between the 11th. and 14th centuries. The country bordes Thailandand Laos to the north, Vietnam to the east and south, and Gulf of Thailand to the west. Cambbodia is ominated by the Mekong river.
This is third poorest country in Asia and 23rd. from the poorest of the world with national average per capita income using atlas method (est.2003) is 310 $. Its rank is 183. In other methods, IMF (est.2007), WB (est. 2007),CIA (est. 2008) its rank/ est is

A Khmer army going to war against the Cham, from relief on the Bayon.
The first evidence of an advanced civilisation in present day Cambodia are artificial circular earthworks estimated to be from the ist millenium BC. During the 3rd., 4th., and 5th. centuries,the Indianised statesof Faunan and Chenla coalesced in what is now present day Cambodia and south western Vietnam. These states are assumed by most scholars by to have been Khmer for more than 2,000 years, cambodia absorbedinfluences from China and India, passing them on to other South-east Asian civilisations that are now Thailand, Vietnam and Laos.