Saturday, May 2, 2009

Chad, Africa : Introduction

Map of Chad

Chad is located in central Africa, south of Libya. It has borders with central African Republic for 1197 km., Cameroon for 1094 km.,Libya for 1055 km. Niger for 1175 km., Nigeria for 87 km., and Sudan for 1360 km.,It has plains in center, desert in north, mountains in north-west, lowlands in south. Chadian land covers an area of 1284000, slightly more in size than three times that of Californea and four times greater than that of Rajasthan.
A largely semi desert country, Chad is rich in gold,and uranium and stands to benefiy from its recently acquired status as an oil-exporting state. It Africa's fifth largest country with inadequate infrustrucure and internal conlict.

Location of sahelanthropus tchadensis find in 2002

Regarding its economic statusthree records are available,

from IMF (est 2007)/ from WB (est 2007)/fronCIA (est.2008)

Rank /gdp (nominal) per capita


Rank in poorest countries of the world is 15 with national av. per capita income using Atlas method (est. 2003) 250$.