Thursday, May 14, 2009

Tanzania, Eco-politics

Democracy is centralised to presidentcy. Tanzania's presient and national assembly members are elecred concurrently by irect popular vote for five year terms. The president appoint a Prime Minister who serves as the Govt. leader in the national assembly, constituted by election or by nomination (upto 10 who can also act as cabinet members) by president. the president also selects his cabinet members from among national Assembly members. last election was held in 2005.

Map of Tanzania, shown with the old capital.

Landscape in Northern Tanzania

A market near Arusha
Economy is mostly based on agriculture which counts about 50 % of Gdp, provides 85 % of of exports and employs 80 % of the work force. Industry is limited to agri- processing.prolonged drought during the early years of the 21st. century has severely reduced electricity generation.

Mosque in Moshi
Religion in tanzania is as follows :
Islam : 35 %
Christian: 38 %
Indeneous : 27 %