Sunday, May 3, 2009

Chad, History (continued)

In the prehistoric period ,Chad was much wetter than it is today,as evidenced by large game animals depicted in rock paintingsin the Tibesti and Borkouregions.
Recent linguastic research suggests that all of Africa's languages south of the sahara desert (except Khoisan) originated in prehistoric times in a narrow band between Lake Chad and the nile valley. The origins of Chad's peoples, however, undiscovered.

Location of Sahelanthropus tcha densis find in 2002.
Era of Empires (AD 900-1900)
the formation of states began across central chad in the sahelian zone between the desert and the savanna, during the end of 1st. millennium AD. But none was able to extend their territory beyond that region.
Kanem- Bornu
Kanem empire originated in the 9th. century AD to the north east of Lake Chad. Historians agree that the leaders of the new state were ancestors of the Kanembu people.
Group of Kanem- Bu warriors
Colonialism (1900-40)
In 1905 , the administrative responsibility for Chad was placed under a governor-general stationed at Brazzaville, capital of French Equatorial Africa.Chad idnot have a separate colonial status until 1920, when it was placed under a lieutenant -governor stationed in Fort Lamy (today N'Djamena).. but there were absence of policies and slow tendency of modernisation. Only they made it a productive center of cotton.

Death of commander Lamy of france,1900