Sunday, May 17, 2009

Mali, Colonisation

The military of French penetrated in soudan in about 1880 and ten years laterthe French made a concerted effort to occupy the interior.A French civilian governor was appointed in Soudan in 1893, and defeated warrior Samoy Toure of Malinke in a 7 years war.As the colony of french Soudan, Mali was administered with other French colonial territories within the Federation of French West Africa.
In 1956, with the passing ofFrance's Fundamental law , the territorial assembly obtained extensive powers over internal affairs and was permitted to form a cabinet with executive authorityover matters within the assemblies competence. After 1958, due to change of french constitution by referendom, the Soudanese republic became a member of the French community and enjoyed complete autonomy.
In 1959, Soudan joined Senegal to form the Mali Federation, which became fully independent within the french community on june, 1960. the federation collapsedon Aug. 1960 when Senegal seceded. On Sept. Soudan proclaimed itself the republic of maliand withdrew from the French comunity.
President Modibo keita- from his Party Union of Soudanese Democratic Republic (US/RDA), had dominated pre-independence politics-moved quickly to declare a single party state and to pursue a socialist policybased on extensive nationalisation. A continually deteriorating economy led to a decision to rejoin the Franc Zone in 1967 and modify some of the ecomic exceses.