Saturday, May 9, 2009

Central African Republic, Economy

The central African Republic is classified as one of the world's least developed country, with a 2007 annual per capita income of $700 (purchasing power parity).The nation is overwhelmingly agrarian, 56 % of the country's gdp came from agriculture in 2006.Though the country has natural resources as diamond, uranium, gold, and other minerals including oil but largely unexploited.In 2002, Diamond being currently developed, has earned 50 % of gdp in . services also acquired 29 % of gdp in 2006. and industry only 15 % .
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Ubangi River
A boy wearing a burnt lantern- hat in the city of Birao,CAR.The town was almost burnt down in March 2007 during fighting between rebels and
A village in Central African republic
A man fishing in a dugout on the Obangui riverin 2004