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Cambodia, People's Republic of Kampuchea(1978-1993)

People's Republic of Kampuchea (Vietnamese occupation) : !979-1993
In december, Vietnam announced formation of the Kampuchean United front for national salvation(KUFNS) under Heng Samrin, a former DK division commander.It was composed of Khmer comminists who had remained in Vietnam after 1975 and officials from the eastern sector-like heng samrin and Hun Senwho had fled to vietnam from Cambodia in 1978. In late Dec. 1978 vietnamese forces launched a full invasion of Cambodia, capturing Phnom penhon Jan. 1979driving the remnants of democratic Kampuchea's army westward toward Thailand.
Communist Vietnam installed Heng Samrin as head of Statein the new People' Republic of kampuchea (PRK).
The paris conference reconvened to sign a comprehensive settlement giving the UN full authorityto supervise a ceasefireand prepare the country for free and fair election.
The Cambodian National Assembly ratified an agreement with the UN, on the establishment of a tribunalto try for the atrocities committed by the Khmer Roughe .Donor countries have pledged the $ 43 million international share of the three year tribunal budget, while the Cambodian Govt. share of the budget is $ 13.3 million.
New Year, cambodian

Mosque,Phnom Penh

Monsoon Season in Kampong Speu province
Rice cropping plays an important role in the economy
National high way