Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Chad,africa-multi party election

Talks with political opponents in early 1996 didnot mature, but Deby announced his intent to hold presidential elections in the same year. Deby won the country's first multi-party elections with support in the second round from opposition leader Kebzabo, defeating General Kamougue (leader of the 1975 coup against Tombalbaye). Deby's MPS party won 63 out of 125 seats in Jan. 1997 legislative elections.Though international observers noted numerous serious irregularities in presidential and legislative election proceedings.
Deby succeeded in getting some peace talks with different disturbing elements but that didnot yeild good result.
Deby , in the mid-90s, gradually restored basic functions of the Govt. and had agreements withWortld Bank and IMF to carry out substantial economic reforms with oil exploitation in the southern Doba regions.
Deby won a flawed 63 % first round victoryin may 2001 presidential elections after legislative elections were postponeduntil spring 2002. Having accused the Govt. of fraud ,six opposition leaders were arrested twice and one oposition party acivist was killedfollowing the announcement of election results. However despite several attempts of unsuccessful demonstration the power was vested in the hands of a northern ethnic oligarchy.In 2003 , Chad received refugees from the Darfur region of western sudan of about 2,00,000 in numberdue to fighting between two rebel groups which led to Chadian-sudanese war in Dfec. 2005.
War in the east
Hot spots in the present civil war
After the begining of the war Chad Govt. called for the citizins to mobilize themselves against the common enemy. An attack on N'Djamena was defeated on April, 2006 in the battle of N'Djamena. and on Nov. 2006, captured some portion in the east side of Sudan
International orphanage scandal began due to the 100 children being strandedin eastern Chad for this war.