Wednesday, May 20, 2009

madagascar,The independent Malagasy republic

The independence of Madagascar did not come peacefully.In 1947, the prime Minister of France, Paul Ramadier of Worker's international party, suppressed a revolt, a nationalist uprising,at the cost of 80,000 to 90,000 lives of the Malagasy during a year of bitter fighting.
Landing of the 40th.battalion de Chasseur a Pieds in Majunga, between 5 May and 24th May, 1895.
Poster of the French war in Madagascar
Tsiranana's rule was a continuation of french settlers. Unlike many of France's former colonies, the Malagasy Republic strngly resisted movements towards communism. In 1972, protests against these policies came to a head and Tsirananahad to step own. He handed power to General Gabriel Ramanantsoa of the army and his provisional Govt.This in turn reversed previous policy in favour of closer ties with the Soviet Union. after two changes of hands Lieutenant-commander Didier Ratsiraka came to power in a coup.and was elected as president for a seven year term.Ratsiraka moved further towards socialism,nationalising much of te economy and cutting all ties with France. But as French immigrants left the country , leaving a shortage of skills and technology, a decline in economy of Madagascar occur resulting a change of govt. policies under some presure from the public to turn again to market economy with adoption of a new and a democratic constitution. In a multiparty election Albert zafy came to power defeating Ratsiraka, in 1993. Zafy failed to re-unite the country and suffered impeachment in 1996 followed by a re-election when Didier ratsiraka again came to power. he in, this time, moved to capitalism with the introduction of IMF amd World Bank. Opposition Party began to grow and in an election in 2001, Ravlomanana's I love madagascar party achieved overwhelming victory and suceeded an attempted coup in 2003. Ravalomananaafterr being elected for a second term in 2006 dissolved the National assembly in 2007. In 2009, a violent protests caused ultimately to a seizure of military power.