Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Pirpur Report

One hundred years ago, few days before the birth of Muslim League, he British Viceroy Lord Minto received Sir Aga Khan led Muslim delegation on Oct 1, 1906, and gave them the signal to pursue their separate Muslim agenda.The separatist memorandum of the delegation and the address and the address to the Viceroy Lord Minto had been prepared by an English man , Shri Archbold, then Principal of Sir Syed Ahmed Khan's Mohammedan Anglo-Oriental (MAO) College, Aligarh, Later Aligarh Muslim University. It included demands for, a) adequate representation of Muslims in all civil and military services and in the High Courts and appointment to higher posts without competitive examinations; b) elections of Muslims to the Provincial Councils and C entral legislatives through separate Muslim Electorates in numbers not proportionate to their small population but in comparison to their political importance ; and c) and in founding a Muslim University which would be centre of of learning for the Muslims.
The Pirpur report of 1938, prepared by a Muslim Nawab of Pipur, listing our imaginary cases of Congress atrocities in provinces under its rule in certain provinces in those days.This report became and important instrument in seeking Partition and creation of Pakistan.Just as the religion based reservations of the Muslims granted by the British in 1909 sowed the seeds of partition, the reservations now sought to be made by the Congress led UPA Govt.